Victoria Lash Serum

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Victoria Lash Serum

A Swiss-formulation lash serum to lengthen and strengthen your natural eyelashes. Packed with natural ingredients, lashes will be dramatically reactivated. Clinically proven in 21 days, to be applied on bare skin twice a day (eg. day and night after face cleansing). Natural active ingredients include:

• Larix Europaea Wood Extract – Nourishes & conditions hair
• Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract – Strengthens hair & prevents hair fall
• Aloe Vera Extract – Moisturising & soothing
• Ginseng Extract – Stimulates and promotes hair growth

Lash Serum can be used on eyebrows too.

Made in Singapore

Available in retail 5ml (Remarks: can last for 1.5 months)


For best results, Victoria Lash Serum should be used together with Bejeweled's Lash Progress Treatment for faster reactivation of lashes. Here's a preview: